A Creative Learning tool for mastering work – life skills.

Creative learning, Complex Problem Solving with Kommon Sense


It helps you build and develope competencies such as 3D Thinking,  Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  Leadership Intelligence (LQ),  Human Mining, Verbal Enterprise, Mediation and more.

The card game is based on the mechanics of Simulation.

There are 72  cards in a pack with four simple rules to win and 7 principles you need to master in the process. These are the principles of Connections, #Interrogation, # Personality Profiling, #Emotions #Intelligence, #Negotiation, #Leadership Learning, and #Communication. Together they make up Collective Intelligence. 


3D Thinking

As the world become more complex and uncertain success requires Systemic Thinking; Critical, Creative and Strategic. These three make up the 3 Dimensions of Thoughts  modulations. 


People(s) are now the center of focus.  This is a serious requirement for the 21st Century. Ability to profile and predict personalities is a huge leverage for professionals and leaders.


Kommon sense will guide you track Emotions, Design them, Control and Deflate their energies and direction. It helps you separate feelings from thoughts for sound decision making.


Leadership requires an interrogation into Systems, Models, Ideas and People. The leader requires an active faculty to transverse these dynamics. Kommon Sense will guide you through. 


Oratory remains the most potent ancient Art of persuasion.  it is  crucial for modern day Speakers, Teachers, Marketers and Leaders. The Art of Strategic Communication, a huge leverage to the 21st Century.


Kommon Sense generally can be deployed on two fronts: Domestic and Industrial.


  1. Parenting
  2. Relationship Bonding
  3. Funzones
  4. Birthday/ Parties
  5. Friendship Audition
  6. Relationship Audit
  7. Marriage Audit


  1. Company Strategic Meeting
  2. Strategies Employment Interview when Soft Skill is the Focus
  3. Organizational retreat
  4. All training and learning platforms with focus on Creativity and Strategy, Mind development, Marketing, Emotional Intelligence, Costumer Relations, Complex Problem Solving, Human Resource Management, Emotions, Psychoanalytical, Conflict Resolutions, leadership, Innovation management, relationship and Marriage programs, Education programs, Religious Programs, Text Analyses, and other Soft Skill related fields.
  • Great experience most interestingly interactive, which deepens learning. This cards are exceptional energizers and triggers for interaction. I am certainly going to use it for my training.

    Viktor Kuchili

    Author/Business Consultant

    The Kommon Sense tool is an innovative approach to learning. It enables people to be expressive and vulnerable to receive other people’s inputs about their beliefs and perspectives. It is a transformational system of helping people become better leaders.

    Enoch Nalado

  • The whole drama about Financial Literacy was been corrected by the use of the Kommon Sense Card. It further reveals that F.L has to be taught and learnt regardless of whatever challenges.  This Organic Intelligence Tool (OIT) should be deployed far and wide because of the penetrative methodology.

    Shaibu Emmanuel Idenyi

    Shaibu Emmanuel Idenyi
  • I have experienced a lot and have come to understand that Common Sense is not common and also understand that in management of conflict, we all have to ask ourselves a very important question, “Can we handle the truth?”

    Pam Anthea Hauwa

    Call Agent
  • It has been a major foster of meticulous thinking in responding to many facets in life. I realized I don’t have to skip being vulnerable, but be open to learn from as it is a humbling game for a leader to indulge or engage in. This should be done more frequently across all strata and for a to enable several others and organizations. But most importantly, children should be made to appreciate this goodness from the cradle.

    Ujin Jossy-Bliss Mallai

    Social Worker/Entrepreneur
  • Playing the Kommon Sense game was more of a simulation of life experience. Being able to elicit the fears, emotions, inabilities etc. It’s an experience that is worthwhile.

    Solomon David

    Digital Marketing
  • The Kommon Sense Intelligence Tool creates massive interactions. It allows for arguments, disagreeing to agree or disagree, strategic thinking and a lot of other topics.

    Amama Benn Benedict (BennyCapricorn

    Digital Marketing Consultant/Social Entrepreneur/UN Volunteer/Founder, BennyCapricorn Global Initiative
  • Well, I feel so excited because it came to my knowledge that a lot I thought I knew, I didn’t know and I learnt. And also a lot I didn’t know that I know, I discovered I know. This is just awesome.

    Let’s do this again and again.

    Lasisi Victoria Omayioza

    Farming and Clothings


Collective Intelligence is a sophisticated competence for practical decision making. It is best deployed for solving complex problems. The book 7th Sense provides deeper and structural insights to the essence, forms and the building blocks of Collective Intelligence. It dives deeper into the concept and practice of the terms using the tool Kommon Sense.

Creative learning, Complex Problem Solving with Kommon Sense

Common Sense COURSES

Don’t get it twisted, 7th Sense is the feature, Collective Intelligence is the Function and Practical decision making is the benefit, a crucial requirement for the future of jobs. The courses provide deep analyses and of progression of the 7th Sense. It also deconstructs its and provides a step by step appreciation of each block and how to deploy it at the domestic and industrial level.


A special training for partners, who seek to deploy Kommon Sense at an industrial level. The course deepens their understanding of the Tool, the Simulations models and gamification Strategies. How to use adopt and apply it for personal optimization and Organization Efficiency. At the end of the Training, they are signed up on our platform as Kommon Sense Certified Trainers for commission per Training or group of Trainings.

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