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Organic Intelligence Proficiency Course


Something dangerous is happening but many people are not even aware of it because of the ease, money, and trend.

Human Skills sets are now replicated into machines through A.I .
This includes, Language, Efficiency, Behavior and to some extent Instinct.

While we may not undervalue the progress and many benefits of A.I in Health, Education and all. The challenge is that after a while machines will be come better at what Humans do. Many will become useless IF NOT PREPARED.
The change, Complexity and Competitiveness will  sink many as the present realities shows. 

The focus is not to terminate or demonize A.I but to make sure that one stays RELEVANT, IMPORTANT and VERY USEFUL in the face of  A.I revolution. 
The only antidote is Organic Intelligence (O.I) . The process of Upgrading, Expanding and Networking of Natural Skills and abilities.
Join the O.I Proficiency Course and Learn different ways to surviving and Excelling in the world of Change, Complexities and Competitiveness driven my A.I. 
Really, why lose your Business, Relationship and Career to machines when you can do better? 

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Kommon Sense Exclusive
The Return of Kommon Sense and the rise of Organic Intelliegence