O.I Pro.

Human Singularity Programme

Organic Intelligence is a body of Knowledge and process of learning that focuses on understanding. It is a radical move from Memory based datafication to Intellect Processing Experience.

From Knowledge to Understanding

Organic Intelligence Pro. is designed to build and accelerate Emerging Skill Sets capable of complementing the exponential rise of A.I

Organic Intelligence Proficiency Course


  • Within years from 2018 about 75 million current job
    roles may be displaced by machines.
  • About 133 million new jobs will likely emerge during
    that same period.
  • This trend disruption will also require accompanying new
    skill sets.
  • Incidentally COVID-19 has thrown in an unprecedented
    disruption into the mix.


  • Analytical Thinking and Innovation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Creativity, Originality, and Initiative
  • Technology Design and Programming
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Leadership and Social influence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Reasoning, problem-solving
  • Systems analysis and evaluation

Re-Tool | Re-Skill | Up-Skill

The projection of O.I is that people become more Efficient, and Proficient and perform excellently when they understand than
when the know.


Stand Alone

This will cover only one of the courses with 4 modules and other meta modules.


This will cover any cohort of the 3 Content Course Load (3CCL Leading Formula) or 6 Cont Courses Load (6 CCL Mastery Formula)


This covers the entire programme of 9 Courses

Anatomy of the Mind

The Mind is the power house of Efficiency, Proficiency And Excellence. This  is where Creativity, Innovation and strategies Emanates. Learn the tools and Instruments  that enable performance. 

Fourth Economy. Organic Intelligence Proficiency Course

Fourth Economy

Knowledge is the new Gold but you need to understand how Knowledge is created, valued design, and exchanged in the work place. You need to learn the dynamic nature and character data in the market place.

Emotional Competence. Organic Intelligence proficiency Course

Emotional Competence

Emotional Competence is a more expanded model of Emotional Intelligence. It goes beyond understanding Emotions and managing them to creation, design and propagation. Acquiring EC  is a strategic Skill Sets

CLT for O.I Pro.

Kommon Sense is the Creative Learning Tool for Organic Intelligence Pro. and Human Singularity Programme.

Verbal Enterprise Proficiency Course

Verbal Enterprise

Communication is both an Art and Science ,it has become a MUST, therefore an enterprise. Effective Communication Skill Sets is crucial for Pitching, Marketing, Sales, Public Speaking and Networking. Learn  Learn the Instruments

Celestial Mechanics Proficiency Course

Celestial Mechanics

Most often, we follow the best of business  and relationship principles and still fail. With every principle there are other principles and meta principles that work together to guarantee success. Learning them is an edge. 

Woman Intelligence

The woman is a Re-source. One that many are not even aware of her power and Dynamics including the woman herself. As a matter of fact there are two approaches to prospecting the woman. Bottom-up and Up-bottom. Learn this craft.

Chaos Intelligence

Chaos is the design and management of confusion and complexities.  The Chaos Engineering is going to be one of the most sort after skills sets  going forward. Learn the Art of managing transitions between order and disorder.

Transformation Intelliegence

Transformation is the Act and Art of Transfiguration. It is an intentional effort towards monumental elevation of Value and Function. Learn how to apply it on self and the process of leadership . 


This is imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Biomimetic provides the best of Acceleration and guide to Design Thinking and Innovation. Learn this future craft

Organic Intelligence proficiency Course

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Victor Prince Dickson. Inventor of Kommon Sense and Lead Proponent Organic Intelligence Proficiency Course.

Victor Prince Dickson

Lead proponent and Team Facilitator

Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the world, Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense, Founder of MRT Academy. He is the leading proponent of Organic Intelligence: Human Singularity programme and Master of the Knowledge Economy from Nigeria. Victor is also the Author of Thinking Field Trilogy and Anatomy of Entrepreneurship. Other books in view include: Anatomy of God, The Art of Silence in a Noisy World, Emotional Cloning, Interview with the Lucifer, Penis Conference(a play)

 Inventor, Founder, Author, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, proficiency  Coach and Teacher.

He is the creator of various Thinking tools, Innovations models and Business Intelligence Maps such as 60 SECONDS, SPANIS WEB, ACTs Ribbon, A.N.T.S, GENESIS, SOVI Law, Vemometer, Innovation Crib Sheet, JACOBIAN CODE 1 and 2. TFQ Series and more. 

Executive Director of
 El-spice Media Limited. President, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants Consortium (TCC). He is the Nigerian Ambassador and Coordinating Ambassador for  World Creativity and Innovation Week Africa (WCIW AFRICA) and more.